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Katie Long


Katie Long is a young artist who has a big love and interest in Oslo’s tram, SL-79. It is a tram made in both Germany and Norway that was ordered in 1979. Oslo is going to start replacing all their trams in 2021 with new Spanish trams (SL-18) that are already popular all over Europe. Most of Katie’s art is including the beautiful tram from ’79 for people to appreciate the aesthetics of the tram and to never forget it. It is the tram that she grew up with and has a lot of memories with. Her art is also a reaction to Oslo’s decision to get rid of the old trams. 

For this artwork she painted a tram with basic acrylic painting on an 80 x 80 cm square canvas rotated 45 degrees. It is inspired by Mondrian’s big, square surfaces and thick dark lines. The background is a light gray color with big and beautiful colors that compliments the tram. The lines are neat, but rough in its own way. The lines are straight and clean even without the use of a ruler nor tape. This gives the painting a neat quality of something done by hand.

The painting consists of the top of the tram and four colored rectangles. She always work a lot with the composition and for this painting she decided that the biggest rectangle would be in a warm yellow color to even out the other colors. With the yellow and orange rectangles plus the orange writing, it creates a nice flow on the canvas and a nice “line” of color. The colors are spread evenly and balances the picture with a harmonic feeling. The painting is very simple and big, but has a few details like the grey pole from the tram or the writing on front. 

Katie wishes to preserve the tram as long as possible and make more people see the beauty in them. She will do this by continuing on her journey to make more tram-filled art. 

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